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Consultants for Construction Project Recruitment

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about 1 year ago

by IVY Resource Group

Consultants for Construction Project Recruitment

A construction consultant is a qualified person hired to bring expertise towards the success and fulfilment of a construction project. The consultant is tasked with assessing any building costs and contracts for the construction project. Whereas, a construction recruit or contract is a working professional who is an independent engineer who performs first-rate engineering services to his or her client for appropriate payment.

In other words, the contractor carries out the work, whilst the consultant simply evaluates the client's needs and provides them with expert advice on what work needs to be done to achieve the desired project. A construction recruitment consultant’s skills, duties and responsibilities might include:

  • Hold strong knowledge of finance procedures

  • Have strong management and team skills

  • Visits to potential worksites to determine project practicability

  • Work out labour costs for the project

  • Persuade clients with data to back them up

  • Work out material costing by coordinating with vendors

  • Communicate with clients about their findings

What is the procedure a construction recruitment consultant might follow?

Whilst the procedure might vary from project to project, there is a general procedure that a construction recruitment consultant might follow.

1. Consultation

When someone requires an expert’s opinion about a technical engineering issue they are facing, they will arrange a consultation with a construction recruitment consultant. Sometimes the consultation will require a visit to the site whereas sometimes it may be simply done over the phone.

2. Investigation of the issue

The construction consultant needs to investigate the real issue. This may include conducting some engineering calculations. In some cases, the consultant might need to visit the site to inspect the equipment available on site.

3. Practicability reports

This report will play a vital role in determining the practicability of the project after obtaining the results of the inspection and engineering studies performed on the site. These considerations made in the practicality report will analyse the needs of the project and create an estimated construction cost, alternate solution and expert recommendations.

4. Engineering design

This part of the procedure will look into the dimensions and physical characteristics of the project to be constructed. Usually, a drawing will be made to make a blueprint of the project or structure. On top of this, written documents will be constructed for the specifications of the project.

These specifications are then analysed by the consultant so that they can speak with the appropriate contractor regarding their work and what needs to be done. To add to that, these plans help to prepare a list of needed materials for the project.

The main role of a consultant in construction projects is to assist the clients with choosing the best contractor for the project.

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