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Education plays a key role in modern societies, connecting learners and educators across various disciplines and levels. From our early childhood years to our young adulthood, education is a dominant presence in our daily lives, especially when it comes to developing key skills, and knowledge, and broadening our perspectives about people and the world.

Education provides many benefits and opportunities for individuals to take advantage of, which includes:

·        Employment - some roles and jobs require specific qualifications and educational background, including roles in medicine and nursing, law and order, engineering, and more

·        Knowledge and confidence - education is a great way to increase your knowledge and improve your confidence, as an educated person is more likely to feel empowered and contribute significantly to society

·        Development and personal growth - education helps individuals think beyond the box and their interests, helping to develop an awareness (and understanding) of issues that previous generations might have overlooked

Here at Ivy Resource Group, we provide education recruitment solutions for both employers and job seekers in the following sectors:

Early Years & Nurseries

When it comes to the early childhood education hiring process, working with Ivy means that we can make this streamlined and smooth, matching your early childhood education roles with the right candidate within our vast talent pool. We also provide candidates access to the latest vacancies in early years and nurseries, allowing them to kickstart a career in this sector.

Primary Schools

Looking to recruit primary education teachers or become one? Our Ivy consultants have years of experience in the primary school sector, meaning that whether you are an employer or job seeker, we can find the ideal candidate/role for you.

Secondary Schools

As a secondary school recruitment agency, you can count on us to help you source the best candidate for the job at hand, or find you a suitable vacancy that matches your skills and experience for a role in the secondary school sector.

Support Staff

Support staff play a crucial role in any educational institution, from technical support to maintenance. If you’re looking to hire or apply for support staff roles, Ivy Resource Group can help. Our expertise means that we can connect both employers and job seekers with the perfect candidates and job opportunities for them.

SEN Professionals

At Ivy, we make the SEN professionals' recruitment process a seamless experience - both for employers and candidates. Working in SEN can be challenging, but at the same time, very rewarding. From specialist SEN schools to private organisations, we work with numerous employers and offer a diverse range of SEN career opportunities.